Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pessimist? Or optimist?

It is possible to read what I've written  and conclude that I am a pessimist about what is happening in public education. If you believe that, you really couldn't be more wrong.

I'm a total optimist about what education can be. No high-stakes testing or imposed standards; teachers who are given the time, resources and autonomy to focus on the identities of children, support them as they work toward their goals, whatever they may be. It can happen. It certainly can happen without increasing the amount of money that currently goes into education! In fact, think of the huge expense of testing, and implementation of the Common Core!

I'm told time and time again that the Mass Customized Learning system is "better" and therefore "best." I don't accept it; I can't accept it. Is that because I'm a pessimist?

Or are those who are pushing me to "settle" the ones who are the pessimists?

We are too afraid to envision an education system that is truly great! Don't give up your ideals because you doubt that they'll ever be implemented. It's your doubt that holds us back. Keep your eyes on the prize, like the man said, and hold on.


  1. Good for you Lisa! I too believe we can and should do better! I've taught in Massachusetts, Florida and now Iowa where I've seen us go around and around trying to reform education, when all we are doing is the same-ole-same-ole under a new name. I've recently read World Class Learners by Yong Zhao and your previous post really connects with what he shares in his book. As always, I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you. Stephanie Edgren, Iowa Teacher

  2. Thanks for responding, Stephanie! I love Yong Zhao's work and need to read a lot more of it. I can't wait until the "same old same old" means kids doing real work that is relevant and meaningful to them.