Friday, December 21, 2012

A pledge for 2013

A pledge for 2013 and the future...

....that we all try a little harder to listen carefully to children; to what they say, and to what they don't say, about what they like and love and want and need. And instead of pointing out what they don't understand or might understand better as they grow up, think about what they DO understand.....and what we, as adults, just don't.

If you pledge to listen to children in 2013, say so in the Comments!


  1. Yes Lisa. Those of us who are influenced by the Reggio philosophy (Reggio Emilia Italy, practice "the pedagogy of listening." It takes discipline and practice to be a good listener and to take time to see things from the child's perspective. This requires great empathy and a desire to facilitate authentic learning for children.

  2. Dear Lisa,

    We must be on the same wave today. Here is what I wrote:

    It's Always The Students
    Year after year (and this is year number 30), it is always that students that make the job what it is. The trick is to measure the value of the day in the opposite way that the profession now asks us to determine value. It isn't really about how much the students learned about the subject matter. It is about how much the students have taught me about life, and how to live it with grace, hope, strength, wisdom and love.

    I've said over and over again that what really matters is not what is happening at the moment, but whether or not what is happening at the moment will matter 3, or 13 or 30 years from now. If I learn one small thing from a student that makes me a better person for the rest of my life, THAT matters.

    The truth is, I have very little control over what a student learns from me. But I do have a great deal of control over whether or not I learn anything from my students. So, while Education may have goals for me in 2013, I will have a few of my own. The first one is: pay attention to the students every single day. They are my greatest teachers.

    with love,

  3. Yes, I will take the pledge. Not hard to do... Joy